Approvals Overview

Approvals give managers a primary interface to review any actions or requests that have been made on the Requests screen.

This screen gives a good introduction to how to get started with different types of Approvals. Click the Approval icon on the Home screen as displayed below:

When you click the Approvals icon, you will be directed to the Approvals screen as shown below:

  • Missed Punch Approval - When you submit the Missed Punch request it goes through the Approval process by the authorized person.

  • Leave Approval - When you request time off from work it goes through an approval process.

  • Time Relaxation Approval - When you submit a time-out request for a specific period it goes through an approval process

  • Comp Off Approval - Comp Off Approval is an approval process to grant you permit to work on a holiday and get compensatory off on a working day

  • Shift Change Approval - Shift Change Approval is a process through which the designated individual reviews and takes action on your request.

  • Week Off Change Approval - Once you submit the Week Off Change request, it goes through the approval process as per your organization's policy.

  • Claim Approval - Claim Approval allows your manager to take action to your claim request submission.

  • Helpdesk Approvals - It is a process through which your requests undergo a review and approval process.

  • Workflow Approval - Workflow Approval is a multiple-step process where a request is approved by multiple approvers.

To view the history of your approvals, press and hold the item.

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