Travel Punch

The Travel Punch feature allows you to mark your attendance when you are traveling for work and are not physically present at the workplace.

Travel Punch feature records your attendance with location, time, and date when you are traveling for business and other purposes. This feature helps you to check-in/check-out times and the locations you visited during your stay.

To check in/check out your attendance, click the Travel Punch icon on the Home screen as shown below:

When you click the Travel Punch icon, it opens with the Travel Punch screen which has Google Maps for location, a Comments section to add comments, and an optional Attachment section to attach your file.

Once you add the comments, click the Submit button as displayed above, and it will navigate you to the Travel Punch History screen to view your list of travel punches submitted successfully.

History - History button allows you to view a record of your past travel punches.

Help - If you are stuck somewhere, simply click the Help button to access the documentation of Runtime Workman.

Travel Punch feature ensures transparency and accountability between employees and their managers.

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