Project Activity

Project Managers and Team members have access to view and update the Project Activity.

Project activity is a log of all activities taken inside a project. E.g. task added, or update sent by the project manager or a team member.

On the Project Tasks screen, click the Activity button at the bottom of the screen as shown below:

Add Update

When you click the Activity button, you will be directed to the Project Activity screen to view the Activity log and add any update.

Click (+) Add Update button and you will be directed to the Add Update screen as shown below:

In the prompt, add the following details-

  • Description - Add the description of the Activity with any details in this field.

  • Attachment (s) - Attach any relevant document if needed.

  • Notify Members - By selecting the Notify Members button, you have the option to send notifications to the team members.

After all the details are added, click Save Update button to include all the updates.

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