My Achievements

You can view or edit achievements made in addition to the assigned goals.

Managers can discuss any specific targets or goals that were set during the performance evaluation.

After selecting the performance period, you will be navigated to the Appraisal Form screen. Click My Achievements option to get directed to My Achievements screen to add, edit or delete the achievements.

Add Achievement

Click (+) Add button to navigate to Add Achievement screen to add Description and Save the achievement.

Once you click Add button, you will see the Add Achievement screen as shown below:

Add details in the Description field and click the Save button to save an achievement.

Edit Achievement

Once the achievement is added, you can make changes by clicking the Edit button (green pencil button).

Make the required changes and click the Save button to save the changes.

Delete Achievement

If you want to delete the added achievement, click the Delete icon. You will see the warning message to confirm the action "Are you sure you want to delete this achievement?" with Cancel/ Yes option. Click 'Yes' and your achievement will be deleted.

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