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Selfie Punch

The Selfie Punch feature allows you to mark your attendance by taking a Selfie.
The first icon on the screen with the camera is the Selfie Punch feature. To mark your attendance using Selfie Punch, click the Selfie Punch icon on the home screen as shown below:
Selfie Punch icon
To use the Selfie Punch feature you should allow the application to access the camera. Click the Selfie Punch icon, and it opens up with a camera, now tap the Rotate/ Flip button on the lower right part of the screen. Click the button to take the selfie, from here you can click the Use Photo or Retake if you wish to take the new picture. Tap on Use Photo which opens up the Pending Punches screen to show all your Synced and Failed punches.
Pending Punches
If your Punch is successful, it will appear as Synced with the Date and Time stamp. Synced punches are shown in green color.
When your Punch is unsuccessful, it will appear as Failed with the Date and Time stamp. Failed punches are shown in red color.