Navigation Bar

Navigation bar or navbar helps you to navigate through the main features of the application.

The Navigation Bar provides quick access to functionalities within the application. To access the Navigation Bar, click your Profile pic on the top left corner of the Home screen or simply swipe the Home screen.

Navigation Bar consists of the following features:

  • Home - The Home Screen or the Landing Page is the initial screen where you can see multiple icons of all the features.

  • Attendance - You can manage employee's attendance and track leaves from Attendance features.

  • Requests - Requests screen will be your primary interface to submit, view, and manage different types of requests.

  • Approvals - Approvals give managers a primary interface to review any actions or requests that have been made on the Requests screen.

  • My Payroll - You can view your salary slips, salary structure and other payroll reports.

Under Payroll Reports you can view the following:

  • My Info - Click My Info option to view your profile, salary slips, documents, HR Policies, and payroll reports.

  • My Feed - This lets you view your organization's activity and engage with fellow members in meaningful conversations.

  • Projects - This screen displays list of your projects where you are a team member or the project manager.

  • Performance - You can view goals, achievements, and 360-degree feedback.

  • Settings- From settings, you can change preferences, get help, and view Workman information.

  • My Businesses - From the Navigation Bar menu, select My Businesses option.

    • You will be directed to the Runtime Workman screen. On this screen, you can select a business to continue or you can click to add a new business.

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