Logging In

Learn how to login to your employee account in Runtime Workman.

To login on Workman, you need following information from your HR Manager:

  1. Company Code

  2. Employee Code

  3. QTP /PIN

Ideally, when you are onboarded with the company, your HR Manager sends you the above information through an SMS and/or and E-Mail. Here's a sample SMS with above details:

Registering a new Business

After installing the Runtime Workman app, you will see the option to add/register your business.

  • In the prompt, add all the details including Company Code, Employee Code, and QTP/ PIN.

  • Once all the details are verified, you will see the newly added business account.

  • When a business account is added, it will become your default account.

  • Every time you login, you can select the default account to get started with Runtime Workman.

Adding a new Business

If you have more than one business, you can simply click the Add New Business button to add an additional business account. The system allows you to add maximum of 10 business accounts only.

When multiple Business Profiles are added, you can select one profile to access the Runtime App.

Removing the Business Account

  • If you would like to remove the existing business, click the red remove icon.

  • Confirm Action prompt appears to select Cancel/ Yes option.

  • Click 'Yes' to confirm and the business profile will be deleted.

  • To add the deleted business again, you have to request your login details again from HR.

Common Login Issues and Solutions

If you encounter any issues during login, please use below common error messages and related solutions.

Company Code is not valid. Check your input and try again.

Check the value entered in company code. Make sure it is spelled correctly. There should be no spaces before or after the code. company code is a 6-letter code comprising of letters and numbers only. There is no special character in company code.

Company setup in progress. Try after some time.

This error indicates that your company's Runtime HRMS account is currently not ready. Please wait for some time and try again. If this error does not resolve after some time, ask your HR Administrator to raise a support ticket with us.

Company setup error. Please contact support.

This error indicates an issue with your company's Runtime HRMS account. Please ask your HR Administrator to raise a support ticket with us.

Employee account is not active.

This error means your employee record in Runtime HRMS is not active. This happens when your HR Manager deactivates your account upon your exit from the organization. If that is not the case and you feel that your account should be active, please contact your HR Manager to check your profile and activate your account.

Client account is not active. Please contact your HR Administrator.

This occurs when your organization's Runtime HRMS subscription is not renewed upon expiry. Please contact your HR Administrator to renew your subscription and try again.

We're sorry! Your request could not be completed. Please try again or contact support.

This is a generic error message which means something went wrong on our side. You can wait for a few mintues and try again. If this problem does not resolve, ask your HR Manager or HR Administrator to raise a support ticket with us.

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