My Feed is the feature where you can share and connect with your peers.

My Feed consists of posts, updates, and activities from your peers. To access your Feed, go to the Navigation menu and click My Feed option as shown below-

You will be navigated to the My Feed screen to publish, comment, or add images to the posts.

Adding Comments

You can view, like, or add comments and will be able to interact with your friends and colleagues on business activity.

The newest post appears at the top of the Feed.

Adding Images

When adding the comments, you can also add images to your posting as shown below. It allows you to add images from your Gallery or take the picture from camera.

Deleting Comments

You can delete the comment by clicking the red Delete icon. In the Confirm prompt, click Yes to confirm or Cancel.

Possible Errors while accessing My Feed

  • User clicks My Feed and gets to Home Screen - In instances, where you click My Feed and get to the Home screen. This happens because you don't have a user added to the ESS Portal. Once your manager adds the user, you should be able to access the My Feed feature.

  • User clicks My Feed but gets an error in Posting - When your user is added to the ESS Portal, you should be able to view My Feed. However, if the user has no rights to post, it won't allow you to publish anything in My Feed.

  • User Publish the post but couldn't comment -If you cannot comment on the post, you should ask your manager to allow you to comment.

To refresh the feed, go back and again click My Feed.

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