QR Punch

The QR Punch feature lets you mark your attendance by scanning a QR code provided by your HR Manager.

Each employee is set with a unique QR code to mark their attendance by using the QR Punch feature. To punch in/out using a QR code, start by clicking the QR Punch icon on the home screen as shown below:

Once you click the QR Punch icon, you will be asked to place your QR code inside the scan area as shown below:

When the QR code has been scanned and captured, it opens with Sync Status screen to show all your Synced and Failed punches.

If your Punch is successful, it will appear as Synced with the Date and Time stamp. Synced punches are shown in green color.

When your Punch is unsuccessful, it will appear as Failed with the Date and Time stamp. Failed punches are shown in red color.

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