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Tax Declarations

It's a process through which you can provide tax declarations like investment, rent, and others for Income tax calculations.
Tax Declaration is the income information that you provide to the tax authorities once a year. To get started with Tax Declarations, click the Tax Declarations option on the Requests screen as shown below:
Tax Declarations
You will be navigated to the Select Financial Year screen, where you can view the present and past year's tax declarations.
Select Financial Year
For the present year, you have the option to view and update the tax declarations but for the past years, you are allowed to view only.
Select and click the present (2023-2024) financial year, to view or edit investments. You can either continue with the Old Tax Regime process or you can opt for New Tax Regime by selecting the Opt for New Tax Regime option.
Tax Declarations with Old Regime

Tax Declarations with New Regime

Present Year (Update)

Let's consider an example of Children Education Expenses, in which the max set limit is 1,50,000. Now click the Update button to make changes to the respective option.
You will be directed to the Children Education Expenses screen to fill all (Investment Declaration, Remarks (Optional), and attachment) the details.
Children Education Expenses
Click the Save & Close button and you will see the changes made to you. If the changes are made by admin then you will see the changes made by Admin as displayed below:
Tax Declarations

View Past Year Tax Declaration

You should be able to view previous years' Tax Declaration but you won't be able to update it. From the Select Financial Year screen click the (2022-2023) year.
Select Financial Year
You will be navigated to the Tax Declarations screen to view your investments.
Tax Declarations (View)