A project is defined as a series of tasks that must be completed to reach a desired outcome.

A project is a set of tasks that must be completed over a period of time. Projects have defined beginnings and ends, specific goals, and financial and time constraints.

There are lists of projects where you are a team member or the project manager.

To get started with projects, click Projects from the Navigation menu as shown below:

List of Projects

When you click Projects from Navigation Bar Menu, you will be directed to the List of Projects screen to view the Project(s) in which you have different roles.

Select a project and continue to Project Tasks. These are the following options on the Project Tasks screen -

  • Project Task - A Project Task is an activity or a step that needs to be completed to execute a Project.

  • Project Timesheet - Project Timesheet is used by both Project managers and Team members to record their time spent on Project activities.

  • Project Members -Project members are part of the Project team who are responsible for different parts of the project.

  • Project Activity - This page lists all the activities occurring in the project. E.g. task added, update sent by project manager and so on. Both project manager and members can view and add updates in the project activity.

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