View Monthly Attendance

This feature shows your monthly attendance record over a period of time.

It gives an overview of your attendance and helps to keep track every month. Click the Attendance icon on the Home screen as displayed below-

You will be directed to the Monthly Attendance screen where you can punch in your regular/ late office hours.

On the Monthly attendance screen, you will see Left and Right Navigation arrows to select the Month.

The monthly attendance screen gives an overview of punch-in and punch-out times, presents, and absences of the month. You can select the individual dates to view the daily attendance.

Below the navigation arrows, you will see the two ribbons consisting of multiple tabs.

Top Ribbon consists of following tabs-

  • Total Days- It shows total number of days in that month.

  • Presents- This reflects the number of Present days out of the total days in that month.

  • Absents- This reflects the number of absent days out of total days in that month.

  • Paid Leaves- It shows the number of Paid leaves in that month.

  • Unpaid Leaves-It shows the number of Unpaid leaves in that month.

  • Holidays - This shows the number of Holidays out of total days in that month.

  • Weekly Offs- This reflects the number of Weekly off days in that month.

  • Paid Days -This reflects the number of Paid days in that month.

Bottom Ribbon consists of following tabs -

  • In Office Hrs -This reflects the punch-in office hrs.

  • Late-In Hrs -This reflects the Late punch-in office hrs.

  • Early-Out Hrs- This shows the Early punch-out hrs.

  • Late- Out Hrs-This shows the Late punch-out hrs.

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