Web Punch

It allows you to clock in and out of work using an online platform.

Web Punch allows employees to log their working hours from any device with internet access, such as computers, tablets, etc. Web Punch is suitable for employees who are not going for fieldwork.

Web Punch feature can be accessed through our web portal. To login, please visit our website https://ess.runtimehrms.com and enter all the details to login.

Click Web Punch icon on the Home screen to get directed to the Web Punch screen as shown below:

On the Web Punch screen, the Current Date & Time is selected and you can choose an optional attachment. Click Submit button to clock in or out.

Once you submit, you will see your punches on Punch Syc Status screen to view all your recently submitted punches.

Punches are synced only when you stay on this page. Do not close this page till all pending punches are synced. Synced punches (successful and failed) are automatically removed from this list after some time.

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