Week off Change Request

Week off change request let's you define ad-hoc week off for one or more days in a month.

You can submit a request to change your scheduled week off and swap with another week. You can include details such as the reason for the change and a proposal for the alternative dates.

Click the Week Off ChangeRequest option on the Requests screen as shown below:

You will be navigated to the Week Off Change Request screen where you can submit a request.

On this screen you will see multiple fields including -

  1. Active Period - In this field, you will see active period month with year. This is a view-only field, you will not be able to change anything over here.

  2. Pick existing week off - It's a dropdown field, which allows you to select your existing week off date.

  3. Select new week off date -You can select the new week off dates here.

  4. Reason for change - It's a comment section, where you can add your reason for the change.

  5. Attachment(s)- You can attach any relevant document here.

  6. Buttons -

    1. History -You can click the History button to view the list of recently submitted requests with status.

    2. Help -If you are stuck somewhere, simply click the Help button to access the documentation of Runtime Workman.

    3. Submit -Click the Submit button, and you will be navigated to the Weekoff Change Requests screen to view recently submitted requests with status. Until the status of your request is in Pending state you can withdraw the request by clicking the Withdraw button.

When your Week Off is changed to the new date, mark your attendance for the new date.

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