Time Relaxation Request

Time Relaxation request is a time-out request for a specific period that you will be out of office during the work hours.

You can submit the Time Relaxation request detailing the reason for the deviation from standard working hours. Click the Time Relaxation Request on the Requests screen as shown below:

You will be navigated to the Time Request screen to submit the time relaxation request.

Enter all details including Date, Time range, and Description. Click the Submit button to notify your manager about the submission of your request.

History - History button allows you to view a record of your past requests.

Help - If you are stuck somewhere, simply click the Help button to access the documentation of Runtime Workman.

When you click the Submit button, you will be navigated to the Time Requests screen as shown below to view all your requests in the Pending state until they are approved by your manager.

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