Claim Request

Claim Request allows you to receive reimbersment or compensation for incurred expenses related to work.

The system allows you to submit a Claim request with all the detailed information about the incurred expenses, such as travel, meal allowance, training fees, etc.

Click the Claim Request option on the Requests screen as shown below:

You will be navigated to the Claim Request screen where you can submit claim request for reimburements.

Select the type of claim from the drop-down menu, add the Expense Date, Amount, and comments in the Claims Description section. Add an attachment if needed and then click Submit button.

History - History button allows you to view a record of your past requests.

Help - If you are stuck somewhere, simply click the Help button to access the documentation of Runtime Workman.

After submission, you will be directed to the Claims Requests screen where you can view all your requests in the Pending state until it's approved by your manager.

Possible Issues and Solutions

  • If user adds a higher Amount value than the requested limit- The user will get the warning "Request limit exceeded. This claim allows a request for maximum of INR XXX(amount)".

  • If user selects the old Expense date whose submission period is expired- The user will see the warning"Selected period is closed for submissions".

How to submit Claim Request

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