Salary Slip

A salary slip contains the monthly break-up of earnings and deductions.

A salary slip includes details of your gross salary, deductions for taxes, insurance, retirement contributions, etc. To view your salary slip, your manager should enable the period from Payroll > Periods > Enable the desired period in HRMS Portal.

Once it's enabled, you can view or download the salary slips. From the Left Navigation Bar, click 'Payroll Reports'.

You will be directed to the Payroll Reports screen as shown below:

On Payroll Reports screen, click the first option i.e. 'Salary Slip'.

You can use the navigation arrows to view the Salary Slip for the desired period. If the Salary slip header shows 'Provisional', it means the payroll period is not finalized by your company and the salary may change. Once the payroll period is finalized, the word 'Provisional' will be removed from that month's salary slip.

You can download or email the salary slips to yourself by clicking the 'Download' and 'Email Me' buttons.

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