Project Timesheet

Project Timesheet is used by both Project managers and Team members to record their time spent on Project activities.

Project timesheet can be used for tracking and monitoring the amount of time an individual spends on work activities associated with a project.

Both Project Managers and Team members can update the Project Timesheet.

Add Entry

Under Project Tasks, click the Timesheet button (clock icon button) to view the timesheet entries and create new entries.

You will be navigated to the Project Timesheet screen where you can view the Tasks with their timelines or you can add a new entry by clicking the Add Entry button as shown below:

When you click the Add Entry button, you will be directed to the Add Timesheet screen to fill all the details including:

  • Date - Select the date from the calendar widget.

  • From and To Time - Choose From and To times.

  • Description - Add a description or comments in the Description field.

  • Attachment(s) - Attach any relevant document if needed.

Once all the details are added, click the Save button to get the Timesheet added.

"The timesheet date must fall within the task start and end date."

Possible Warning Messages

  • While adding an entry in the timesheet, the Start and End Times cannot be same. If you select the same Start and End times, you will see the warning message" Start time and End time cannot be same."

  • When you try to add the back-dated entry, the warning message will be displayed "Back-dated entry is not allowed".

  • if you choose a date, which is later than the Project completion date. You will see the warning message "Date cannot be later than the Project end date".

View Timesheet

On the Project Timesheet screen, you can view all the timesheet entries of a timesheet.

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