Remote Punch

The Remote Punch feature allows you to mark your attendance remotely without being physically present at the location.

Remote Punch is a GPS/ location-based attendance feature to mark your attendance with the exact location, time, and date. To get started with the Remote Punch feature, click the icon on the Home screen as shown below:

After you click the Remote Punch icon, it directs you to the Remote Punch screen which has Google Maps for location, current date, & time stamp and an optional attachment section to attach your file.

Click the Submit button as displayed below to mark your attendance through the Remote Punch feature.

History - History button allows you to view a record of your past remote punches.

Help - If you are stuck somewhere, simply click the Help button to access the documentation of Runtime Workman.

When the submission is done, you will be navigated to the Pending Punches screen to show all your Synced and Failed punches.

If your Remote Punch is successful, it will appear as Synced with the Date and Time stamp. Synced punches are shown in green color.

When your Remote Punch is unsuccessful, it will appear as Failed with the Date and Time stamp. Failed punches are shown in red color.

If one punch is pending to be synced, the application will not allow you to submit another punch.

This feature helps managers to monitor or track employee's attendance when they work remotely.

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