Project Task

A Project Task is an activity or a step that needs to be completed to execute a Project.

You can select a Project from the List of Projects and depending on your role (Project Manager or Team Member) in that project you will see different features such as Adding/ Editing a Task, Adding an Entry in Timesheet, etc.

Add Task

If you are working as a Project Manager on a Project, you can Add and Edit Tasks. However, if you are a Team member you can only view the tasks.

After Project selection, you will be navigated to the Project Tasks screen where you will see the (+) Add Task button to add a new task.

Click the (+) Add Task button, you will be directed to the Add/ Edit Task screen as shown below:

In the prompt add details in the following fields:

  • Task Name - You can add the name of the task in this field.

  • Description - Add the description of the task with any details in this field.

  • Start Date - You can select the Start Date of the task from the calendar widget.

  • End Date - Choose the End Date of the task from the calendar widget.

  • Notify Members - By selecting the Notify Members button, you have the option to send notifications to the team members.

Click the Save Task button to get the task added to the Project Tasks list.

"The task start and end dates must fall within the project start and end dates. If you select a date range outside of the project date range, you will get an error while adding the task."

Edit Task

Only Project Managers have the privilege of editing the task. To edit the task, click Edit Task button to the respective task you wanted to edit.

You will be directed to the Add/ Edit Task screen as shown below to make any changes. Click Save Task button to save all the changes.

View Task

Team Members can only view the Project tasks as shown below:

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