Missed Punch Request

Missed Punch request is used to submit a back-dated punch when you forget to punch on time for any reason.

Missed Punch

Usually, attendance is marked in Runtime HRMS using Biometric or Remote Punch using Workman. A Missed Punch is an instance when you forget to submit a punch on time. In such cases, you can submit a Missed Punch request for a past date/time using a Missed Punch feature.

On the Requests screen, click the Missed Punch option as displayed below:

You will be directed to the Missed Punch Request screen to submit the missed date and time.

Select the past Date and Time by clicking the Date/ Time section or on the Clock icon. Add remarks in the comments section, then click the Submit button to notify your manager about the missed punch.

After submitting your request, you will be navigated to the Missed Punch screen as shown below to show all your missed punches in the Pending state until they are approved by your manager.

History - History button allows you to view a record of your past requests.

Help - If you get stuck somewhere, simply click the Help button to access the documentation of Runtime Workman.

After submitting the request, you have the option to withdraw the request by clicking the Withdraw button.

The Date limit is set by the HR Manager in your organization.

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