Runtime Workman requires certain permissions on your mobile app to function. Here is an explanation of all permissions.

Camera Permissions

Camera permission is required to take Selfie when marking a Selfie Punch. Camera permission is also required to scan a location QR when marking QR punch. Camera permission may also be needed when you want to attach a picture from camera in Remote Punch and other Requests like Leave Request, Claim Request etc.

Without Camera Permissions, you won't be able to submit Selfie Punch and QR Punch.

Gallery/Storage Permissions are needed to attach files to various requests like Leave Request, Claim Request etc. Storage permissions are also needed to store app cache on your device. This feature helps Workman to store your data locally when there is no internet connection available. Once you are back in network or Wi Fi, the locally stored data is synced to our servers and local copy is deleted.

Location Permissions

Location permission is required to submit Remote Punch, Travel Punch, QR Punch and Selfie Punch. This permission reads your current location (latitude and longitude) and sends along-with your punch request.

Without Location Permission, you won't be able to submit Remote Punch, Travel Punch, QR Punch and Selfie Punch.

Background Location Permission

Background location permission allows Workman to track your location even when the application is closed or pushed to background. This permission is needed only when you start a Live Travel (if enabled on your profile). Live Travel lets you start your travel and keeps tracking your location to calculate route taken and distance travelled. This is mostly used to pay conveyance allowance for distance travelled.

Background Location is a sensitive permission and as per Google Play policies, this permission cannot be obtained by Workman automatically. Even if you allow Location Permission, Workman will not be able to access your location when in background.

To grant Background Location permission, follow below steps:

Open Settings > Go to Apps > Tap on Workman > Tap on Permissions

Open Location and select Allow all the time. See below screenshot for reference:

Granting Permissions

Runtime Workman automatically asks for relevant permissions the first time you use a feature. For e.g. when you tap on Selfie Punch, you will get a prompt to allow Camera and Location permission. Simply tap on Allow while using the app to continue your task normally. Workman will then remember your choice and you will not be asked to allow the same permission again.

Permission Denied

In case you selected Do not allow for a permission when prompted, you won't be able to use the relevant feature and Workman will not ask for the same permission again. To resolve this issue, you need to go to Settings and allow the relevant permission manually before you can carry out the same task again.

To grant permissions manually, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings and tap on Apps

  2. Tap to open Workman

  3. Tap on Permissions

  4. Find the relevant permission under Not Allowed section

  5. Select Allow only while using the app

Repeat step 4 & 5 for each permission that you have denied previously and want to allow now.

That’s it. Workman should operate normally after you have taken the above steps.

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