Home Screen

The Home Screen or the Landing Page is the initial screen where you can see multiple icons of all the features.

Once you log in, you will see the Home Screen with a greeting message, current date, and multiple icons.

Date and Time section - The Date & Time section displays the current date with punch-in and punch-out times. It also displays your Default shift times.

Notification Bell icon - On the top right corner of the screen, there is a Bell icon, click the icon and you will be directed to the Notification Center screen to view all the notifications.

Home Screen Icons

These icons serve as shortcuts to application features. The shortcut icons provide quick access to application features including-

  • Selfie Punch - The Selfie Punch feature allows you to mark your attendance by taking a Selfie.

  • QR Punch - The QR Punch feature lets you mark your attendance by scanning a QR code provided by your HR Manager.

  • Team Punch - The Team Punch feature helps you and your team to mark your team's attendance collectively.

  • Remote Punch - The Remote Punch feature allows you to mark your attendance remotely without being physically present at a location.

  • Web Punch - It's a web-based clock punch, that helps track staff's time and attendance.

  • Travel Punch - The Travel Punch feature allows you to mark your attendance when you are traveling for work and are not physically present at the workplace.

  • Attendance - This feature tracks your daily and monthly attendance.

  • Live Travel - The Live Travel feature tracks your distance and route when you are on the move/ traveling for work.

  • Requests -The Requests feature acts as a primary interface to submit, view, and manage different types of requests.

  • Approvals - Approvals give managers a primary interface to review any actions or requests that have been made on the Requests screen.

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