Performance Management allows organizations to optimize their processes and improves productivity at the workplace.

Performance Management is the strategic process of improving employee performance by aligning their goals and objectives with the organization's mission and goals.

The process typically includes planning, reviewing, and rewarding employee achievements.

To get started with Performance Management, click Performance option from the Navigation menu as shown below:

You will be navigated to Select Period screen, to select a performance period to start.

Select the performance period as shown below:

After period selection, you will be directed to the Appraisal Form screen to view and manage goals, achievements, 360-degree feedback, and ratings.

Appraisal Form screen is divided two sections:

  1. Performance Period

  • My Goals - This allows you to manage your goals and targets for the selected performance period.

  • My Achievements - You can view or edit achievements made in addition to the assigned goals.

  • 360 degree Feedback -You can request 360 degree feedback from peers, supervisors and subordinates.

  • My Rating - You can rate yourself, view manager rating and final rating after appraisal.

  1. Team Performance

  • View Team - You can view the list of team members.

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