Team Punch

The Team Punch feature helps you and your team to mark your team's attendance collectively.

Team punch provides you an option to check in /out your team members collectively. This option helps to streamline the attendance process for your team members who are working closely together. To mark your attendance collectively, click the Team Punch icon on the home screen as shown below:

Once you click the Team Punch icon, it opens up with My Team screen showing the list of your team members as shown below:

Select and click the Team member(s), as shown above, which directs you to the screen to scan your team's QR code. Scan the team's QR code to mark your team's attendance in the system.

When the QR code has been scanned and captured, it opens with Sync Status screen to show all your Synced and Failed punches.

If your Punch is successful, it will appear as Synced with the Date and Time stamp. Synced punches are shown in green color.

When your Punch is unsuccessful, it will appear as Failed with the Date and Time stamp. Failed punches are shown in red color.

Both QR Punch and Team Punch have the same icons.

When implementing the Team Punch feature, organizations also consider factors such as team size, and work environment to effectively manage their team's attendance.

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